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Overview of our Pizza Oven Tools 🔥

coal scoop - pan hook - brush tool - ash pan - damp mop - ember rake

log lifter - square pizza peel - round pizza peel - rectangular pizza peel

Coal scoop - pan hook - brush tool - ash pan - damp mop - ember rake Two side by side views of the log lifter - closed view and open view We have three types of pizza peels - square - round and rectangular faces.

And we have more !

Take Your Time Get The Right Pizza Oven Tools

If you’ve flicked ahead or looked at our shop first or something and been overwhelmed by the variety of tools on offer, don’t be frightened! We offer this variety not to make you buy more tools (well, it wouldn’t upset us if you did mind!), but to give you options that will suit your oven shape, your oven size, your cooking habits and your budget.

To that end, if your budget is limited, the divisions below will really help. If you’re only up for one tool, make it a food handling tool. If you are up for two, next get a fire handling tool, going for three tools, you should probably get a cleaning tool OR - and here’s the next tip for navigating the choices: within each section, the choices are ranked, so the main food handling tools are listed first, then the secondary options - so if you didn’t want a cleaning tool but there was still a bit more money in the kitty, go back and look at the secondary food handling tools, etc.

I also want to mention right here that our site is different to most. There is A LOT of info on here and we ask you a lot of questions and even expect you to do homework. This can all be a bit confronting I know but it’s not just because we’re annoying, it’s because WE CUSTOM MAKE THE TOOLS so we’re trying to fit the tool to YOU, not the other way around. SO: we invite and maybe even IMPLORE you to take the time to read a bit and get exactly the right tool for yourself and instead of wondering why we work you so hard, maybe wonder why other sites don’t?!

You don't know us very well yet, but we're quite modest people and it's hard for us to tell you this, but Our Oven Tools are just THE BEST...  As soon as you hold them and feel the strength and quality you'll know you won't want to use anything else in your wood fired oven!

Our Tools are

Weatherproof Practical Stylish

Stainless steel handle ring - pan hook - brass badge logo


Food grade stainless steel, Australian hardwood, solid brass; not only are these components the best quality available, they're really tough and durable and they age beautifully. Hang 'em outside, neglect them. In ten years time, your oven tools will look even better than they do today.

Totally Practical

These babies are designed for use - we've thought long and hard about what works best and how to ensure they're easy to hang, easy to hold, easy to clean and maintain. Big hooks, long strong handles, the right sizes for your oven, the right shapes for your food and wood.

Really Stylish

Out in the paddock or looking out over the harbour, our tools belong at your place. They've got a classic feel (even though they're very contemporary) that makes them timeless. And they've got balance. The hardness of the stainless works really well with the strong dark wood, and the soft glimmer of the brass really lifts them to another level because brass, well it's a chameleon. It can be classic, nautical or rustic - it all depends on the look you've created around them.

Anyway, moving on from how great we are 🙂, I like threes. Three features above and then down below, our oven tools are divided up into three sections, based around what they do:

Pete holding a pizza peel with a freshly baked loaf on the peel

Food Handling Tools

OK, so let's talk about how you're going to get your food into the oven, move it around in there and then get it out...

Coal scoop tool in action in a wood fired pizza oven.

Fire Handling Tools

Fire handling tools are the instruments you use to manage your coals and wood.

Natural bristle brush tool in use in a wood fired pizza oven.

Cleaning Tools

Last but by no means least, you need something to clean your oven with.

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