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Once submitted, we can discuss your tool and size requirements, as well as freight costs to your location. We'll then provide you with an order price for your consideration.

Please Email Us or go to our Contact Us page if you have any questions or please feel free to give us a call if you prefer (and the phone is great to discuss tool selection and sizing concerns). Best time is between 10 and 2 pm weekdays but because we work from home, if that doesn’t suit, you’re welcome to try when it does suit you. If your overseas, please consult the phone number and time and date below to see how they mesh with your time or alternatively, I’m happy to ring you, just let me know a date and time...

OH and please note that we’re a bit distracted by our own concerns at present (see HOME PAGE for gory details!), so to avoid disappointment (as they say in the classics!) please make sure to get in early/give us as much notice as you can...

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Item Price Qty $
Peel - square $205
Peel - round $205
Peel - rectangular $205
Spinning Peel $195
Trowel $195
Pan Hook $175
Coal Scoop $195
Ember Rake $195
Coal Scoop - small oven $195
Ember Rake - small oven $195
Log Lifter $195
Brush Tool - with natural bristle brush fitted $195
Ash Pan $205
Damp Mop $195
Mezzaluna - with stand $160
Dough Cutter $90
Bread Knife - dark toned timber $50
Bread Knife - red toned timber $50
Bread Knife - pale toned timber $50
Replacement Brush Head - natural bristle brush $30
Replacement Mop Head $20
A landing peel (square round or rec), any sort of coal scoop or ember rake, plus a brush tool.
The three tools above plus a turning tool (spinner or trowel), a pan hook and an ash pan.
3 FOOD HANDLING TOOLS: a landing peel (square,round or rectangular), turning tool (spinner or trowel), pan hook.
3 FIRE HANDLING TOOLS: either style of coal scoop, either style of ember rake and the log lifter.
3 CLEANING TOOLS: a brush tool with a natural brush head fitted (plus a spare brush head as well), a damp mop and an ash pan.
3 KNIVES: a mezzaluna, dough cutter, a bread knife (your choice of timber colour).
  Tools Total:$
  Grand Total:$

Contact Details and Potential Delivery Address

Your Name:
Email Address:
Phone No:
Delivery Address (Street):
Delivery & Other Order Notes:

Because all the tools are made individually, there is some lead time before dispatch. Usually only a week from when we finalise your order, but we do get behind, particularly in the lead up to Christmas, so if you’re wanting tools for a Christmas cook up, best to have your order in by the start of November to make sure they’re there in time.

Anyway, once we have your order sized and sorted and you’re on Pete’s list, then to pay, we can take credit card payment over the phone, you can also pay by direct deposit to our bank account, or use PayPal...

All website prices are in Australian dollars and include the Australian goods and services tax (so listed prices are 10% less for overseas customers).

You’ll note the standard tool set prices listed on the order form below? Well, if the standard sets don’t suit you and you want to swap tools in or out to make your own set, we’re totally fine with that! Usually, we just adjust the set price according to the difference in the individual prices of the tools you’re swapping in and out. Likewise, usually no additional charge for any face shape or size customisation UNLESS you’re after a dodecahedron peel or something! Also, no additional charge for long tools UNLESS we’re talking over 2 metres. Then we usually hit you a small surcharge for the additional materials.

With regards to the delivery cost, charges vary from a minimum of $10 for small items to between $30 -50 for a medium bundle of long tools to most cities and regional centres across OZ, to a maximum of $95 for a full set of 12 tools anywhere in Australia or between $200 and $450 for the full set anywhere in the World.

When nominating a delivery address, if it’s a business address, please keep in mind that someone needs to be available to sign for the parcel during normal business hours, OR, if it’s a residential address, you must provide delivery instructions as to where you want the parcel left in case they come whilst you’re out. Within Australia, just about all orders are delivered within 3-5 working days. Overseas and remote orders may take a little longer (7 to 10 working days).

All photos below are from our customers. Don't miss seeing our photo gallery of wood fired ovens.

Beautiful entertaining area with a wood fired pizza oven tool set.

Kitchen with one of our dough cutters (bench scraper) hanging in reach ready to use - photo by Kathy G
Mezzalauna - photo by Sanjay S
Trowel, Pan Hook, Mezzalauna, Coal Scoop, Oven Brush Tool - photo by Emma and Tom B
Wood fired pizza oven tool set hanging next to the entertainment area - photo by Rob W.
Hanging wood fired pizza oven tool set - photo by Sebastian B
Trowel resting upright on a wood fired pizza oven - photo by Sarah C
Wood fired pizza oven tool set hanging from garden wall - photo by Pieter K
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