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Custom Made, Professional Quality, Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tools 🔥 & Great Gifts For Your Favourite Cook.

Our News For

Blacksmith Pete with a hand forged pizza peel resting on his shoulder.

We are back after our holiday break and promise to go at it hard until the end of March, when we’re planning to take off on a big road trip ourselves. Best wishes,

Pete and Tracy

Our Bona Fides

We get some great press for our hand forged wood fired pizza oven tools, but the best press we can have is YOUR recommendation: word of mouth, face book mentions, insta pixs, blog posts..

We are soooo lucky that we get such great support from you, because we do no advertising at all, not even Google leads etc, we just rely on YOU: getting your tools, loving them, telling your friends...

We’re planning to get more social media active but we’ve always had a Comments Page here on the site and of course there’s over 1400 customer photos of their inspirational wood fired pizza ovens that you’ve sent in to us to view up in our Photos of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens.

Image link to our YouTube channel

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Photos from Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Gallery

As well as being the best damn customer recommendations EVER, our photo albums are full of amazing wood fired pizza ovens, making them a real resource if you're dreaming up an oven of your own. There's bound to be a style that would look good at your place or some ideas you can incorporate in your schemes and dreams...

Kitchen bench with a mezzaluna in wooden block on it.
Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tool Set hanging on wall
Glen unwrapping and  showing off his new pizza peel.

Bruce's beautiful wood fired oven with terracotta face.
Jan and son Andrew with mezzaluna and the trowel Tool
Wood fired pizza oven in beautiful gardening setting.

George Calombaris Says:

OH and whilst we’re on the subject of customer recommendations, we got a lovely video from George Calombaris a couple of years ago (holding one of our pizza peels):

George Calombaris is one of Australia's top chefs and is equally recognised as one of the original judges on MasterChef Australia, the highest rating show on OZ TV.

The oven behind him in this clip is a beautiful The Fire Brick Co creation and he is right: it is a work of art!

Channel 9 MasterChef Sightings

Speaking of MasterChef Australia, our wood fired pizza oven tools have actually been featured in 3 series.

In Season 10 - Episode 33 (first aired June 20th, 2018) our pizza oven tools appeared in an Outdoor Cooking Challenge. It was an interesting episode and possibly could have been titled HOW NOT TO COOK WITH FIRE! That said, if you’re a newbie and struggling a bit with your temps etc, it does show you that everyone starts their fire cooking journey somewhere!

Wood Fired Ovens and our tools on MasterChef Australia
Our tools on MasterChef Australia
George Calombaris with our tools on MasterChef Australia

Another scene with George Calombaris and our tools on MasterChef Australia
Our Pan Hook tool being used on MasterChef Australia
Our Coal Scoop tool being used on MasterChef Australia

Our tools also featured in Season 8 - Episode 24 (first aired June 1st, 2016). In this team challenge you can see our oven tools in the background of George Calombaris’s beautiful new (back then) Hellenic Republic Restaurant in Kew.

You can also see the stunning oven The Fire Brick Co built for him.

OH and way back in Season 4 we were very excited (our first major press splash!) when we saw Filippo Silvestro (a customer of ours from up in North Queensland) as a Top 50 contestant. In the background story they did on him, he was cooking dinner for his family, wielding his peel AND mezzaluna and making awesome pizzas.

Filippo Silvestro using Pizza Peel on Masterchef
Filippo Silvestro using Mezzaluna on Masterchef

Other Exciting Reality TV Sightings

You can see our tools on The Block 2020 (season 16, episode 48, Backyard Reveal) featured in Luke and Jasmin's Pizza Party Pit (between 52.22 and 53.06).

And on the 2021 season of Married At First Sight, Johnny and Kerry have themselves a very romantic pizza dinner at the stunning Kalinya Estate in Bargo NSW. Johnny cooks using our tools!

Did you see our tools on the ABC TV series Pine Gap?

American spy’s futuristic house and kitchen at Pine Gap

We had no idea the tools were on there, but we got lots of calls after episode 2 first aired because the tools were featured prominently in the head American spy’s futuristic house and a whole pile of eagle eyed customers noticed! The outdoor area of this house is truly amazing. We have more stills from the episode up in our Photos of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens (album no 5) if you’d like to see and the series is also available on Netflix now.

Outdoor scene at American spy’s futuristic house at Pine Gap
Kitchen scene at American spy’s futuristic house at Pine Gap

Outdoor swimming pool at American spy’s futuristic house at Pine Gap
Another kitchen scene at American spy’s futuristic house at Pine Gap

Earth Garden Publications

Here in Australia, these Earth Garden magazines - Backyard Ovens vol 1 & 2 – are very popular publications because they feature real people, real ovens and real recipes. We’re in both and we also have a few recipes in the Earth Garden Cookbook: Wood Oven Recipes too Pete's favourite cake (The Blacksmith's Breakfast Cake) and a lovely Whole Roast Cauliflower done Indian style...

back yard ovens magazine-1 cover
back yard ovens magazine-2 cover
Wood Oven Recipes Volume One Magazine cover


Paul Mercurio with our Pizza Peel.

One of the episodes of SBS's show Who Do You Think You Are is about Paul Mercurio star of Strictly Ballroom and host of Mercurio's Menu and apart from being a really interesting story, there he is, in his backyard, with an Alfresco oven from Sydney Heaters and a full set of our tools! Apparently he made pizzas for everyone the day they were filming. There’s some more nice stills taken on the day up in our Customer Photo Gallery.

It’s popular now to have a mission statement or something up somewhere on your site and whilst I can’t manage the policy speak, here’s what we hope we can make for you...

Tools that work perfectly every time and are a joy to use or just to look at.

Welcome to our Website

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