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Aloha ErnestTracy: Got the package! The tools are beautiful, even without a speck of flour on them. Thanks to Pete, immensely.
HeigomiI just saw your pan hook/ bubble popper tool and thought of the following hack. It could do with a quality wooden sliding handle along it's length for extra support/balance. It can be like a dowel with an 8mm centre hole.
Ed YamanI am glad you guys back in the business; All the best
MungDogI like your new website.
SteveWow!!! Received a set of your oven tools yesterday as a "milestone" birthday present from my partner ("Don't know what to get you - you've got everything you need!") I have to say, they're among the most beautiful and well-made tools I've seen anywhere, of any kind. Can't wait to use them, but on the other hand, they seem too good to use. I'll just have to admire them in their pristine state for a while longer...
Tracy Slow Food HerselfHi Martin and Tammy, sorry, not much of an online shop I know, but basically because the racks have to be custom designed and sized, we don't have them up on the Purchase Tools Page as we need to know what tools and what size etc before we work out a design. If you want to put an order in, well, it's really more of a starting gambit then an order and we won't hold you to it, but that will get us started. Alternatively, if you right click or whatever on the email on the contact us page, you can just write an enquiry from there. Final apology for not checking this page every day! Hope you haven't been waiting for my reply...
MARTIN & TAMMYGood morning from Arizona, U.S.A., we are interested in purchasing most of your pizza oven tool set, how do we order a tool hanger from you for said tools and what would be the cost please?
KristinaHi Tracy Just want to say thanks to you and your amazingly talented husband for the amazing useable art... photos attached. David loves his birthday present - they're just so skilfully designed and made, plus they look beautiful! Thanks and all the best, Kristina.
Chris PYou're funny! I presume you wrote the text for the website as well; I love your 'voice' and tone. Brilliant. I look forward to the square peel. I am sure that I will love it whatever. I was going to flatten a pizza tray with a hammer and screw it to a broomstick. However, when I came across your tools I fell in love with design and aesthetic and I love supporting 'local' handmade things and artists. It's funny that I couldn't come at paying 100 bucks for an imported factory made tool but will happily pay more for a handmade tool (that has really funny text on its website). Chris
Kirsty n ScottHiya Tracy Got home from work at lunchtime and surprise surprise...our tools had arrived!! We are a bit excited (and delighted) with them - they look terrific!! Now we can't wait to use them.... Thanks SO much for all your help - you guys have been great to deal with. Best wishes for 2019
Karl They turned up fine. We have just unwrapped them and they are stunning. I am an engineer by trade and the craftsmanship and workmanship is of the highest quality. My family loves them. Thank you so much and pass on my thanks to Pete. We hope we can do them justice and in our woodfired oven. Cheers KC
mark.e.wHi Tracy, Well Australia Day was terrific, spent with family on the deck in front of the pizza oven, but it was made so much more enjoyable by having my new pizza handling tools! It was so much fun and so much more efficient having the right tools for the job. Thank you so much for your advice to make sure I have the most suitable set of tools and for the perfectly timed delivery. Unfortunately I didn’t get in photos this time (too busy playing with all the different items) but I will make sure I get some next time and will send them to you.Thanks again Mark
Steve KThank you very much, the items arrived this morning and are the best quality I have seen. I apologise for the late reply but after unwrapping I needed to lay down for a while. Your husband is ninja quality in his wrapping skills. I will be recommending you to anyone who listens
Sharky and Em You guys are brilliant. Our tools arrived this arvo. Absolutely awesome. Works of art! Every aspect of our dealing with u from start to finish has been first class. If yourself and Pete are ever down our way sharing a pizza or a roast with you guys would be our pleasure. Kindest Regards Sharky and Em
Mike SSorry for the late reply, I have been out of town. First of all the tools look an absolute treat and are very solid. Got to use them for my first cook last night and they did a great job. Thank you very much for all the help you provided and for supplying some ripper tools. I think I am going to get more compliments on the tools than on my pizzas.:-)
Ron HallsJust arrived back into New Zealand and unpacked my new shovel cleaning brush and pan hook. They are magnificent ! Wow a work of art and quality that is better than first class. ! What a pleasure it was placing the order , and the goods arrived exactly when you said they would . Keep up the great work.
Kim & WolfieDuring the past month with placing our tool order has been interesting and Tracy you were very thorough with all the advice on what best suited our needs. Yesterday, we received our pizza oven tools and it was like Christmas in our household :-) All neatly packaged. After the great "unwrapping" session, we were in awe of the tool design and workmanship. It's such a pleasure to admire tools made with such obvious care & attention. Thanks Tracy & Pete and we'll definitely be checking our your recipes and bare baking.
Stuart DouglasFirstly, thanks for your excellent customer service and the above and beyond effort to walk me through all considerations. The side of the road pickup to make sure I had all 7 tools in time for my big party was really appreciated. Cooking for 30+ on my second firing was an adventure made pleasurable because whatever I need to do in my oven the perfect tool was within arms reach. The craftsmanship and exquisiteness of the tools was applauded by everyone. Many photos were taken involving the tools. A particular favorite is turning out to be the trowel, I told you it was a must! hmmmmm, now what else do I need... speak to you guys soon.
Chris EYou guys bring much joy and it's a pleasure purchasing pizza tools from you. Great experience! Next picture will be with a pizza in the oven.
Sylvia SIt's here all right! What a mezz! It's just sooo right! Thank you Tracy. I really appreciate it. I've used it twice and I am over the moon with it. The size of the handles is just perfect, when I'm a bit too shaky I just grab them as if I were driving a car  so I don't lose control and it works. I really like it so very much. Please thank Pete for me.
EhretTools arrived and they are exactly what I hoped for.. Amazing quality! If it stops pouring raining today I’m going to fire up the oven. (probably tomorrow) I’ll post a pic of them on my fb first cook and put your website link. All the best..
Carly from BelroseHi Tracy, We arrived back and opened the parcel today and my husband absolutely LOVES it!! It's exactly what he wanted!! Beautiful workmanship and engraving looks fabulous. Thanks so much. Carly
Tracy Slow Food HerselfOH I must change that I know, confuses everybody! I write TABS for tablespoons (seems perfectly logical to me, but I know it should be TBLS). Please forgive me...
brianJust found your page, and really getting into it. Just read your No Knead bread recipe and have one question. You talk about tabs measurements, is this table spoons or tea spoons?
TroyGreat site thankyou for sharing! Can't wait to try out some of these awesome recipes!
Pete and MichelleWOW!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! was our reaction, as we opened the well packaged tool set that arrived this week. The workmanship that has gone into every single tool is outstanding and so professional. Peter, you truly excelled our expectations and we thank you. The tools are of such high quality that we are sure we will be handing them down to our next generation in many years to come. As we are complete beginners with wood fire pizza ovens, we found your website so informative and it covers everything we need to know. We are looking forward to trying your delicious looking recipes!!!! Tracy, I would also like to thank you for your support and informative emails and phone calls. You made us feel like VIP customers right from day 1. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! OK time to go enjoy my first pizza.... :-)
Jim FieldsTo the guy below: I nearly had this site memorised before I even got my tools from them and a year on from my first light up, it's still the best wood oven advice I have found anywhere and I backpacked around Italy in my youth and ate my share of 'authentic' pizza so it's not like I don't know what I'm looking for and what great pizza tastes like! I can tell you too that my version of these peoples fish pizza is an absolute crowd pleaser here in Brooklyn and my friends and family know what they're talkin about
G & MJust wanted to let you know that everything arrived and is perfect. I only have one complaint... the workmanship on the tools is too good!!!! Now, my husband doesn’t want to use them! He refused to use them on Saturday night but proudly showed them off to everyone! We all think he is going to get a locked trophy cabinet for his pride and joy! Thank you so much. Your husband’s skill is unsurpassed! Beautiful!
Melody BJust wanted to say a huge thanks to you guys for the wonderful job you did with the Mezzaluna that you did for Marcus's 40th. Thank you. He loves it. It got a great work out by everyone at the party (although I didn't get photos of that on the night as I was a bit busy!!) but I will send thru a couple from quieter family evenings so you can see we are putting it (and the other tools) to good use!
Tracy Slow Food HerselfHi Julz, WOW, we've never had anyone say anything rude about our advice before! It's quite hurtful! Putting your ONE comment in perspective though, we've never censored this page and as you can see here (and just in general conversation on Facebook and on forums, etc) most people think our advise is really helpful and practical and they bluddy LOVE our tools: have you seen the photo galleries?! So, whilst I'm very sorry that you don't find it so, I'm not devastated by your opinion, as over the 10 years we've been doing this, we've cooked with lots of customers and helped them learn to use their ovens and turn out delicious pizza and so I know that our methods and tips work (and lets face it, what we have up is pretty much in line with what other people/chefs/oven cooks advise too: not like we're suggesting anything really out there!), so I'm gonna just suck your nastiness up and wish you peace and happy cooking.
JulzI'm a 5-star old school pizza chef and disagree with all your pizza cooking tips and techinques. And no i'm not what you call a snob. But for those whom don't know any different would enjoy your crap!
Rockley Boothroyd I've hand a full set of these tools for years. They are outstanding. Just re-oiled the handles for the first time. They look beautiful. Buy them
Sally MHi Tracy, Thought I'd let you know our parcel arrived safely and my husband is super impressed with his new tools! They look amazing!! Thank you for all your service and you remind me why I like dealing with small businesses! We will certainly recommend but I think the tools will sell themselves!! Sally
CHEF ROBERTOThank you both for this informative site. Beautifully done. Very nice recipes. You are both very creative people. Pace e bene! Roberto
John hThanks again Tracey.Since we last spoke we have sold the house complete with the nuke shelter as it is known.Your tools are fantastic. Ive cooked lots of pizza's ,roasts,wings ect in this and anyone who is lucky to have one knows it does the best job and with the right tools it also makes it very easy. Regards John PS : We are going to build another at the new place . Not sure what size . Our 1300mm oven maybe a little large in the new outdoor area.
Kerry GThanks so much Tracy- am so excited -may not be able to wait till Xmas- might have to preview them early!! Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service- I have really really appreciated it. Have a Merry Christmas- and might also be trialling your yummy Xmas fare this year in the oven. Will have the tools!! Regards Kerry
Mark from South DakotaJust got my tools WOW they are beautiful, by far exceeded my expectations Thank you, Mark
RhyHi Tracy All delivered and in perfect condition!!! Give Pete our praises as they are truly a work of art. In fact we are hesitant to use them they are so beautifully made :) Thanks once again. Cheers Rhyllis
Mark Dit's good to hear you let Pete have some time off to do some treasure hunting, hope you enjoy yourselves. Never have I met a pair that put so much thought and care into their product, not just in the fabrication but in the sales also. You do a magnificent job in getting the customer what they want. Thanks for my brothers shovel!
MilanHi Tracy I’ve just received the tools. The beauty of materials, craft and quality is outstanding! It is really refreshing to hold in the hand something as genuine as those tools. Even the weight is right! Please pass my thanks to Pete. I’d like to say that this was a first class experience from submitting the order to receiving the tools. And also thanks Tracy for those entertaining emails that you call short! Will send you photos of the oven as soon as I finish the deck.
Kade GTracy, The shovel was received and is perfect. Thank you to both you and your husband. Neil was very pleased with his gift and remarked that the craftsmanship was top notch. Thanks again, Kade.
N FostinTools have arrived, fantastic product you will be highly recommended, looking forward to using them tonight.
Elleni PGot my mezz and I love it! ...And it's perfect and more beautifully rustic then I imagined even. Thank you guys. Very talented indeed.
AlexThis is a great resource and the first page i looked at to generate a recipe to cook some bread in a Rayburn wood stove.Scotty is a great teacher and his classes especially when he got to the artisan breads ppl couldnt wait for it to hit the schools retail shop.I taught with scotty at Holmesglen from the cookery side for 4 years and he really does know his stuff.His 2 day Croissants are the best that i have ever eaten.
Martin forgot to say my kids brought me some of your tools they made it all easier and they are so well made. Cheers
Martin Your advice was great. Had my firs real cook up with family for lunch, roasted some pumpkin and beetroot to go on pizza's then cooked 7 pizza's 2 loafs of bread and a few roles. Pizza's were amazing took about 5 minutes each able to fit 3 in 28cm pizza dishes in at a time. Heated the oven up for 2 hours prior to the cook floor stayed at about 175c to 200c. Put no more wood on and after 2 hours cooked some bread oven still 175c on floor. cooked perfect 38 minutes. 2 ours later oven still 175 on the floor cooked another loaf and some roles took about the same time. Oven I built my self over top with everything :-), but looks like it was worth it still in the end only cost me probably $1,500 very happy person.
EstelleFirst cooking day fire-up was yesterday - thank you guys for making such amazing tools - each a work of art but also so good at what they're made to do !
Jamie McGregorMy wife and family spoiled me with a bunch of tools for my 30th Bday I would like to say thank you so much for making such an awesome product! The tools are perfect and the quality is outstanding, Pete is a real master at his craft. Tracy your customer service is the best I've ever come across from a company, My wife also said you were super nice and always replied to emails with lots of info. Thanks again to both of you. :)
BernieWOW! What an amazing website! I have to admit I stumbled across it while I was at work and spent the next "too long" reading and reading and reading. Sorry boss :-/ I have just finished building my second pizza oven in the back yard (first one is on my parents acreage) and can't wait to give it its first real firing over Xmas. I will be trying your recipe! Your website is fantastic, such passion, great recipes, great writing, super informative and great pictures. I absolutely love the handmade tools! I have a new Xmas wish now. I might have to buy myself a new years present (people do that don't they? Thanks you guys for an amazing resource!
Kirsten Thank you so much for this informative website. We built a woodfired pizza oven a few months ago and I have tried other recipes. Your recipe and advice has helped so much and I only ever use your site now. I can now throw a pizza party and be confident that my pizzas taste amazing!
JeffThanks so much for this wonderful website! I have read your "no knead" dough recipe and would LOVE to try to make this in my wood-fired oven. I am wondering if you can share the rough temperature of the floor (and the walls) of your oven when you put the bread in. I have an infrared thermometer and don't really know the "throw flour on the floor" test. Do you have a rough estimate as to the temp of the oven when you bake your no-knead bread? Thanks so much!
IanWow! I thought that I knew of most of the wood fired artisan bread/baking sites- until tonight when I found yours. Just love the layout, recipes and the simple explanations. Now newly enthused again I can't wait to get a batch (or two) of dough going and have a play as soon as possible. I guess I am a lot luckier than most, as I live in a former wood fired Bakery so have the right tool for the job, it has not been used since the early 70's but the day is drawing ever closer when I will have carried out repairs and can use it again. I am particularly interested in surviving former Tasmanian commercial Wood fired ovens, and it is interesting to research just how many are still around, I hope to eventually document these on a web site for other WFB tragic's like myself- there is such a dearth of information on these Scotch ovens, and I know that in our community there is a lot of interest in learning more about them. Thanks for putting in the time and effort to build a really great web resource!
GrahamAll I can say is WOW! Your diverse pizzas are awesome! We have been using our wood fired pizza oven fro the last 4 years and always looking for inspiration and today I found it in your website! My best pizza is spam and piccalilli! My wife likes Brie, Bacon and Cumberland sauce. Our son like Chicken Caesar pizza. Thank you so much.
JasonThank you for all the recipes and hints!
RichardThe babies arrived on the 29th safely cocooned in their bubble wrap. Oh my goodness, Pete has done an amazing job. Such a high quality finish that I am sure will be matched only by their functionality.The trick now is to find a suitable and prominent place to hang (show off) these blacksmith beauties. Thanks again for all your work.I will make sure to show off my tools to all my other pizza oven owner friends to hopefully make them jealous enough to put an order in with you. Kind regards R
CraigIt’s a very rare thing these days to have already high expectations exceeded by a very long way, but they were yesterday when my set of tools arrived. The craftsmanship is just as rare, the designs are beautiful, the quality of materials and construction just exceptional. All of this backed up with outstanding customer service, rapid delivery and a cool website. Thank you I am delighted in every way.
Max PrioloHi Tracy and Pete,received the tools for father's day thank you, these tools are of highest quality you can see that Pete loves what he does. Everyone that sees these tools comment on the quality. And thank you Tracy on the best customer service would recommend these tools to anyone that has a pizza oven they are the best quality around. Thank you guys
qasim pedhiwalathank you so much for all the information on baking great
SAMSo we've got the oven,the wood & now the waistline! What to do, what to do?
Tracy Slow Food HerselfHi Rachael, Sorry if this reply comes a bit late for you: I don't check this page everyday as it's not really interactive, just a bit of a lovefest really for Pete and I (so I save them for when we need cheering up!) and also I guess to show that we're trustworthy, nice people :) Anyway, please feel free to email me direct if you want more info on any oven subject, but the short answer is yes, now we would always line the door with metal. The long answer would go in to how there's 2 different sorts of doors and how to get a good tight fit with yours - and who doesn't want that :) - but the long answer would take a coupla pages, so lets not do it here...
RachaelHi there, We are building an oven at the mionute but what wood would you suggest we use to make the door? We were just going to use a whole wooden door or would you suggest one kined with metal? Have seen that soaking its a good idea, but not all wood would be suitable for this.. Thanks Rach :)
SteveThanks for this site. This is the best most complete guide I have seen yet. I am trying a few of your recipes tonight for a party. We can't wait. I am always looking for new ideas in pizza. Fire up the oven!!!.
SoniaTracy: must tell you you're customer service is absolutely fantastic, you should go into training on people skills!!! You know we bought our tools as a wedding present for a friend, well, my husband said how great you are & now wants to buy a pizza oven just so he can buy your tools for himself!!! 😄😃 Kindest Regards Sonia
Laki KThank You very much guys! Pete you are a craftsman….its great to see that you take such pride in your work. All the Items look & feel even better than expected, looking forward to using them for many years to come.
Pedro and CaterinaTracy, we received our parcel this afternoon. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The workmanship on all the tools is phenomenal, so please give Pete our best regards and congratulate him on his excellent craftsmanship. We are very happy with everything and cannot thank you enough. Kind regards,
NeilPete & Tracy Tried your "NO KNEAD" bread recipe. Mixed up and put in the fridge Monday night, fired the oven Saturday and baked that night. Excellent best bread yet.
TimI'm not sure if it's been mentioned previously but I must recommend using basil pesto as a pizza base instead of tomato paste or something alike. It's more expensive but it takes the pizza to another dimension.
JadeHi Tracy, The tools did arrive in time for John’s birthday – so thank you. I also wanted to write and say how impressed we both are with the quality of them – they are fantastic!! I will be recommending them to other friends with pizza ovens, that’s for sure… Thanks for the great product and great service! Regards, Jade
Neville Once again had friends over last night and had pizza in our wood oven and there were the best
Neville Have been using my wood oven since 2007 and cooked many pizzas, roasts and desserts with lots of good times, have been looking for one of your bread knifes for many years and have now found one on your great web site, i use the same pizza base recipe as you but with white sugar and have found it makes a great base, love you web site and keep it up.
AbbieRecipes are very helpful - thanks
Paul TraceyJust taken delivery of my first tool from SF&HFT, it will not be the last. Quality tools made with love by a skillful tradesman. A pleasure to deal with Tracy, thank you.
Luke and ReneeHello Tracy, Just wanted to let you know I'm extremely happy with my new pizza peel. I'd like to say it's the opinion of both my wife and I that it's been a pleasure dealing with you since the beginning of this transaction. You get a 10 out of 10 for customer satisfaction. After browsing through your gallery. I see that my oven is a very minimalist design in comparison to some of the beauties up there. I wish I'd checked out your gallery before I built my oven I may have been inspired to build something a little more flashy.
Sarah HThe mezzaluna arrived the other day and I showed my sister last night. We love it. We are way too excited and hiding it from Mum until Christmas will be a struggle! Especially the nights when we have pizza and she has to use one of those silly wheels. My grandmother will probably be in touch soon, she is a sucker for pizzas too. Thank you again
Kevin GWow - thanks for the great recipes
eileenI've just had a wonderful time reading you pizza hints. Don't have a pizza oven and have to make do with the poor gas one but I'm on a mission now to try some of your recipes - particularly the desert ones. Thanks so much.
PizzaManGreat website - really useful info - thanks
bob mantykajust finishing my wood oven and found your site... what a great stack of recipes and ideas! Thanks in advance, I look forward to giving them all a go.
Rebecca BHi tracey, Pizza oven and your tools are going marvelously, hubby finally figured out how to get the heat right in the oven, I had been trying to tell him but typical male knows better, in his words "I don't need you to tell me how to get a fire going Beck, I've been lighting fires for years". Have mastered blind baking, or as hubby calls it bareback!, which is why we are ready for the brush now. So proud of how far we've come with our baking, pizza, roast, vegies, seafood, dessert and even used your baked ham recipe at Christmas which I might add received lots of praise and we already looking forward to next Christmas. Anyway, send us one of those brushes asap will you! Thanks in advance,Beck
kateAmazingly comprehensive website. We cook gluten-free corn fritters at markets and festivals (still fairly new at it) with our homemade relishes etc all over them. I'd love to do a meat product too and slow cooking seems to beckon me. I will slowly digest (haha) all the info on your site and get back to you at some stage. Thanks for your recipes and great way of expressing yourself. Truly awesome!
LindaThanks for your great advice on pizza making, Ilove your website and passion for food.
Brian and PaulaCooked the rocky road desert pizza for Paula's bday Was awesome Could only eat one slice!!! Loved it soooooo much All the kids were wrapped I think I drizzled too much chocolate over the top- but heh That's what the rocket road is all about Thanks Tracy Xx
Allen AndersonGuys, Best christmas ever opening those tools and I haven't let the oven get cold since then so I'm certainly testing them pretty thoroughly and they are passing the tests alright! Keep up the good work.
Kelli TaylorHi Tracey, i bought several of your pizza oven tools over twelve months ago. Buying over the net, clearly you have to cross your fingers and hope for the best sometimes!!!! As it turned out, A: the quality of workmanship in your product is outstanding, beautifully constructed, hard wearing and just plain perfect! and B: Tracey you were fantastic calling me to check if the order had arrived and also adding a stainless brush for free. (as i'd bought nearly every other product!) You can't go wrong buying these superb tools from these lovely people. :)
JasonHi Tracy Received my babies today. And yes I will look after them like they are my kids. Please thank pete for his hard work and fine craftsmanship. They are truly exceptional tools and definitely kick arse over all the others on the market. I have planned for my first cook off this weekend with the pizza, roast and bread recipes getting a work out. Cant wait. But again thank-you for the tools and all the best Jason
CaroleHi Pete and Tracy, The pizza shovel arrived on Friday. I was too excited to wait until Monday so Les had early birthday presents. He was in raptures. The quality and workmanship is amazing. You should be very proud of your products. Thanks again for organizing everything so quickly. Will be in touch again once the oven is built. Regards,Carole
Rusty AnchorLady, I have tried many recipes for pizza dough and sauces non of which I have been happy with.The day before I fired up my wood fired oven for the first time I stumbled upon your web page. After taking notes of your advise and tips and just getting in and doing it, squashing the tomatoes etc I am now producing spectacular Pizzas to rave reviews. Thank you very much and if ever you are in Pohnpei Micronesia the first Pizza is on me. Wayne "Rusty Anchor Pub and Grub"
Pete and TracyThanks for the tip Ian, we'll make a few up and give them a go. Anyone else who wants to try these trays, let us know and we'll make you some too - guinea pigs always welcome (small fee applies!)...
IanBetter than baking on a solid tray and without the challenges of bare baking, just get good quality mesh trays. They lift your base just 1-2mm off the ash, let all the lovely smoky air through, and can be handled just as easily as solid trays.
KirstinHi Pete n Tracy, Sorry for my slow reply. Thank you so much for the knife. It arrived the day after the public holiday and my dad is absolutely chuffed with it.... I haven't had a chance to head over to his place to see it in action yet, but Dad called to say it is amazing. He couldn't believe that it could cut through the freshly baked bread, he usually has to wait for day 2 to cut it else it crumbles. Many thanks for your great help!
CosmoLove your website - very helpful - keep up the good work!
GailWOW!!!!!!!! I received my beautiful tools today and they are awesome!! I just wanted to thank you guys for not only the great top quality, fantastic looking tools but all the information and help in making sure they were the right fit for our oven. It was a pleasure to have cyber met you & I love your web site. Thanks Tracy for all the giggles and recipes!! I've now just got to get my man to finish my oven so I can put my tools to use rather than just admiring them.
Roger and LisaThe peel and bread knife arrived on the friday so we were able to rock it out for the big gig I told you about. The quality of the tools is outstanding! Also we both found that despite being heavier than our "generic" peel, it works so much better, we think due to the stiffness of the stainless and the lip folded into the leading edge. Want to talk to you soon about a custom peel, one with a small round head for turning pizzas in the oven..
Peter SChristmas this season just past I was given the best present ever, it was two hand forged tools by Slow Food & Hand Forged Tools. I was givin by my daughter a Mezzaluna and a Pizza Trowel. I am so proud of them and just find them so easy to use, the workmanship is just out of this world. Many people have commented on our tools and can't believe how well they are made.
James LeggettI bought these items under the impression they were made to a such a high standard compared to whats out there. And THEY ARE these are the best quality items i have ever seen well worth the money! congratulations to you for making such fine pieces of work
Mad Coyote JoeGreat site I'm a food writer and TV cooking show living the northern Sonoran Desert just above Phoenix Arizona, USA. I can't tell what part of the world you are living and working in. You can catch up with me and my oven and cooking school at Keep up the great work, Warmly Mad Coyote Joe
Ellis & Nina - AucklandWe picked up our ‘babies’ this afternoon. We’re just amazed by the quality and workmanship of these tools. They look and feel beautiful. We can’t wait to start using them and showing them off to friends and family. Thank you so much for your excellent support from enquiry to delivery. It was well worth the wait. Your tools have a global market – it's hard to find such quality!!
KatieFantastic website, Has everything I wanted to know and more!! THANKS
CarmelJust to let you know the mezzaluna went down a treat. Even with me being the non-domestic goddess, I think it is awesome. It has a great rustic look to it, and has now got pride of place in our kitchen. Shaun can’t wait to bust it out this weekend. So thanks again for your hard work. We are even going to test out your pizza dough recipe this weekend too - well let’s be honest shaun is going to make it and I am going to eat it :) Fab fab fab!!!
RosJust thought I would let you know your beautifully made tools were the talk of my husbands PIZZA OVEN birthday party. Hopefully more business will come your way in the future as we sing your praises to all who will listen. Congrats to all at Slow Food & Handforged Tools for your exceptional tools & exceptional customer service.
JOHNJust a short note about my tools that came this week. I am very impressed with their quality and will order the rest of the set when funds allow. Thank you again for your prompt response and attention – I will happily recommend your products to anyone looking for quality oven tools
GraemeI was very spoilt yesterday when my wife and kids gave me a set of oven tools and a mezzaluna as an early Father's day present. Of course we had to invite some friends over to give them a tryout (and to show them off). It was a joy to use your quality tools and the trowel was even more useful than I thought it would be. Donna also mentioned that Pete put in an extra effort to get the set finished in time. Thanks very much for that. I’d been admiring your products on your web site for quite some time and now I‘ve had the chance to feel and use them I couldn’t be happier. They are better than I imagined they would be.
RozMy husband Paul recently completed constructing our wood fired pizza oven. After patiently burning bigger and bigger fires over a period of time we were ready for our "maiden voyage" last week, our very first pizza night! You may remember my husband, you came out to the hall to hand over the beautifully made shovel that he bought from you. We wanted to let you know that we used your 'THE ONE' pizza dough recipe and were amazed at how easy it was to prepare and how perfectly our pizzas turned out so thank you so much for having the recipe on line. I look forward to trying some of your interesting toppings especially the Spinach, Blue Cheese & Smoked Chicken one. Once again, thank you Tracy for the recipes - we will never, never have a bought pizza again!
Rick and MelJust wanted to drop you a line and say how nice it was to get my package. You guys have a great product and often when you shop on line you are invariably disappointed. Nothing ever is as good as the description nor the photo’s, well not in this case! The quality of your tools is exceptional and your, attention to detail, pride and confidence in your product abounds. Thanks for making our Friday …and the many weekends to follow.
trevorHi Tracy, I've been gazing at my tools all morning. All I can say is I am totally blown away with the quality of Pete's work, absolutly fantastic. I am nearly 50 years old & have been making things with my hands my entire life, I have a deep respect for high quality craftsmanship. These Tools have that in spades. Its such a pleasure to find a product in this day & age where quality is the number one priority in their design, not how cheap can I make it for.
isabellahi tracy i finely looked at your website we met at the book sale in brisbane. i had some good books on have a very good web have some real interesting things which i have not seen before and great information.
Jan, Roger, Ellie & HenryAbout to cook for the first time tonight with our brand spanking new wood fired oven. My daughter found your site and I JUST love IT! Lots of fantastic recipes, jolly good laughs and clearly from people who enjoy what they do. Well done! And if you're ever in New Zealand come and see us.
NeilMy Mezzaluna arrived today. It's beautiful. No other word for it. Hand-made things. I can just sit and look at it and smile.Thanks so much. Best wishes to you both
BrianHi Tracy and Smithy. I used the tools over the Easter break much to my satisfaction. Your work is excellent the tools are worth every cent and I baked all day Friday and Sunday without the usual drama. The tools meet every situation and as a builder I note the quality of the craftsmanship. It is a credit to you I wish you all the best.
FilippoPete and Tracey, Your tools are truly the best I have ever seen or used anywhere. Keep up the good work!! Kind regards, Fil.
John and SilviaAfter Googling "Pizza Recipes", and wading through a whole lot of gumpf, I found your web site. What a breath of fresh air! Easy to read, navigate and fun! You guys have done it well, ive ordered a stack of tools, and now realised how my new oven is supposed to be used, and I know I will commence cooking not burning when I next fire her up! Pizza oven builders should link to your site by default, save a lot of hairs on my arms! Great, keep it up guys, thank you!
Noel and Yve.The tools arrived yesterday, and I'm writing to say that I'm delighted with them.Beautifully designed and crafted.Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to Pete. We will send our buttermilk ciabatta recipe on shortly. If you are ever traveling this way , look us up , we clearly have interests in common.
Jules GaleYou guys are amzing,cant wait to try some of your ideas.We have had our oven for 1 year and just love it.I cracked up over your coments on the guest that attend a pizza party,so true.and we have never had a bad night yet,even with allllll the family.Cheers
Brad and VirginaWhat a great website and fantastic recipes! I'd like to share a fruit dessert recipe that has become a favourite at our house. Use a standard pizza base and lightly covered in butter. Place blueberries, raspberries and thinly (4mm) sliced nectarines on pizza base and lightly dust with icing sugar. Serve with frozen yoghurt of icecream.
LynThank you, thank you. We have had our wonderful oven for 1 year and now we may know what to do with it. Great site and so generous, my best bookmark.
WayneTracy, these tools are great and just as I had imagined. Tell your hubby he’s an artist and at their christening I will have one for him. Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order and congratulations on the absolute first class quality of your product. I know I will be using them for many years to come.
VictoriaYou have the honour of being the first-ever person to whose web-site I have responded. What an amazing life style you must have. Homegrown veges and so much food knowledge!! I am so envious. I have a seven year old son in whom I am trying to instill a love of 'cooked from scratch' food and it seems to be working so far... Unfortunately, I don't have a wood-fired oven but DO have two of those stones you mention. I am going to try a mushroom, taleggio, prosciutto and rosemary pizza tonight. Here's hoping my men rave about it. Someone I once knew said commented that food preparation is a sacred is wonderful that you share your wisdom!
DazzaGreat Site, and lots of good tips, from beginner to expert.
SteveTracy the 'children' have arrived in their new home and the proud step-parents are very happy. Thank you for your service and humour - we will vigoursly recommend your service to others when they say "Wow those are be best tools I have seen, where did they come from?". Wishing you well and thanks again. As an observation, I have an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and the key message out of years of study is this "profitable customer satisfaction" so from what I can see you are on a winner - a very satisfied customer who has received value for money.
TheoHi, Received the tools today. Would like to thank you on your great service and the excellent workmanship put into these tools. Worth every cent. Hopefully will email soon to get the rest of the set in the near future! Thanks Again.
JennyThe tools look terrific and we are looking forward to using them and showing them off to 'fellow feasting friends'. We will keep in contact and let you know how we get on. Thank you so much for your promptness and friendliness.
JohnI got my tools yesterday. And within 6 hours they were bolted in position at home. Thank you, I am very impressed with the quality and finish, it was what I was hoping for. And this weekend they will get a work out I am sure. Best Regards John.
LaurieG'day. I have spent some time on your web site. You guys have put in a lot of hard work and the tips and recipes, are great. I am currently installing a wood oven and will require a decent peel. My order will be arriving soon. Thank you once again for an Aussie owned supply and advice. You guys are gold. Cheers, Lozza
MargaretWell everything arrived in excellent order. We cooked pizza yesterday as we were eager to try your beautifully crafted tools. All worked well and I was particularly impressed with how the mezzaluna cut the pizza.
AndrewI was going to make my own tools but yours look good and the hand forged part won me over. I hate buying cheap rubbish that doesn't last. Any way you people keep up the good work and I look forward to getting my tools asap. Cheers Andrew.
SarahThe oven tools arrived today and I have just one word for them - beautiful. Thank you very much and we look forward to using them.
ChantelleI just couldn't wait to get home and get them unwrapped and when we did, we were so pleased to see the beautiful workmanship that we donned our akubra's, braved the rain and went out and lit the fire! I do believe our pizza tasted better for the peel… and Steve suddenly has a desire to chop herbs and things with our new mezzaluna.
Kym and GeoffJust to let you know the oven tool set is going really well and always draws gasps of admiration. I have an opportunity to pass on your details and now I'll get your web address to them.
DaveI was lucky enough to receive a set of your fantastic pizza oven tools for my birthday in September from my lovely wife Tracey, and I have to say that they are absolutely awesome.
JohnnoThanks again for your exceptional service and wonderful products, I have book marked your website for future pressie ideas!
Rony GGot the tools this afternoon, pretty amazing. They look really good and I'm very pleased. Cheers and thanks for everything.
Ros Package received intact today. An artwork both in content and packaging. My son-in-law will get much use from this.
GregHi Tracy, the mezzaluna arrived on friday, absolutly love it! Thanks very much for your service!
RoseIt arrived today, it's perfect!!! Thank you so much!
AggieFinding you on the web was such a blessing. You guys are living my dream..sigh. i just love the personal and friendly style of your website. Thanks for sharing your story it was so lovely to read.
PhillThanks Tracy It has been a pleasure doing business with you
Rosemary CJust letting you know my postie just delivered my mezzaluna. What a work of art, I am rapt. I'm going outside now to pick some veggies and get cutting! Many, many thanks for the wonderful service.
LouiseTHEY'RE HERE THEY'RE HERE THEY'RE REALLY REALLY HERE!!! As we are expecting our Pizza Oven on the truck tomorrow we haven't had a chance to use our tools yet...for pizza anyway...we have, however, been practicing scooping kids bums off the kitchen bench, their beds, lounge...etc. We cant stop looking and admiring the quality of craftsmanship, we couldn't believe they looked even better than in the photos.
BenThank you for your detailed and very personalised service. Your product arrived as you stated, and everything is excellent. We are most happy and looking forward to giving this present next weekend. Thank you again for you excellent service, with products to match.
CharlesThanks for the quick delivery on the set of pizza tools and the mezzaluna knife. They are reeaally great, exceded my expectations! I had a friend here today when they arrived and he said "these must have cost you over $1,000!" "No! about half that" You just gotta get the word out there, they are so much nicer and better than anything else on the market.
Thea and TomHad some fun and great food using your recipes to guide us. Love.
PaulaLove the website and the quality of information...!
Helen and JohnJust a quick note to let you know that we received our beautiful oven tools today! John was so excited that he quickly started to make a rack to hang them on beside the wood fired oven. Thank you once again for your very prompt and professional manner in dealing with our order and the wonderful quality of the tools.
Dave and TraceyDave absolutely LOVES his new tools!!!! He can't stop raving about them and that it's the best present he has EVER received.
Grant and SheenaI am the lucky recipient of your tools, a 50th birthday gift from the family. Our oven is a mud oven inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens show and refined in design thanks to the purchase of a book by Kiko Denzer.
PJHThank-you for your super speedy reply, friendly service and your wonderful looking Merchandise! The Mezzaluna is a 40th wedding anniversary present for my parents and I'm sure they are going to love it!
Phil and WendyHave just purchased a Mezzaluna at the Mitchelton Farmers Market this morning. Most impressed with its craftmanship. Nice to find something like this in this day and age of mass production. If you like good quality and something a little different then this is it.
FionaThank you soo much for my pizza peel and mezzaluna, they are fantastic and we have already used them! Woo hoo! We love them and know that everyone who sees them will love them too. I thought i'd get ready to order the other 3 pieces - the Pan Hook, Coal Scoop and Trowel, again in the medium timber colour.
Andrew and SharynThanks for the information accompanying the pizza peel. The ash-clearing trick is particularly useful -- no more mopping. The oven is been something we have been building on weekends over the last couple of months. It has clay brick commons for floor and dome but is otherwise mostly recycled material. It will eventually get a brick chimney around the flue. It has been a functional oven from about the third weekend, and getting regular use. I had mostly been knocking together my own tools, but the peel I made from a sheet of ply on a broom handle was not up to the job! So thanks, I really like using this.
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