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Custom made wood fired oven tools

I know, I know, our collective nostalgia for a time of hand made things is highly selective, but one of the forgotten glories of things made to order is that they can be made to suit you – you don't have to make do.

We don't want you to forget that this is your right and so, while we try to make the best tools we can, there are three main ways you might like to change them to suit you better…

#1: Size Matters…

Personally, I like an oven you can cremate in if necessary, but unless you plan to feed the village or you think that maybe home cremation could be a profitable sideline (The Last Supper – your funeral and wake in one tasteful and tasty location?!), it's not really necessary to own/build something that could double as a nuclear bunker or hide Ali Barba and his 40 mates and a lot of the new generation of oven/builders recognise this and their ovens are quite small…

wood fired oven tools - size matters #1

Whilst we try with the tools to walk a nice middle line, you only have to see from our gallery of customer photos that ovens come in all sizes and shapes and it follows that some customers need different handle and plate sizes.

wood fired oven tools - size matters #2

We are HAPPY to make to suit, in fact we encourage you to really think about what you want and ask for it and, to that end, unless you want something terribly huge and long or incredibly intricate and tiny, usually there is NO EXTRA CHARGE to make your tools your size.

Bearing in mind that we have put a fair bit of effort into trying to get our sizes right and that they will suit most normal range ovens and that ALL OUR STANDARD MEASUREMENTS ARE IN SIMPLE TABLES ON THE TOOL PAGES, if you think you may have an unusual oven or unusual tastes, it's easy to establish the right plate size and handle length for you:

Peel/Plate Size is obviously influenced by the size of pizzas you want to make, the size of your oven and the size of your oven opening. If you think you have special needs in any of these areas, try visualising (or cutting a piece of cardboard to our standard plate size) and thinking about if it's right for you.

Handle Size is influenced by the depth of your oven, your tolerance to heat and the shortness of your arms (!). If you think your oven is extra big or extra small, the easiest way to work out if our standard handle size will work for you is to stand in front of your oven (or measure out your proposed oven size on a table) and hold a broom handle to represent a tool and see/imagine what you need.

We are happy to help you work your ideal tool sizes out. If you look towards the end of the Tools page, you'll see a guide on measuring up your oven that describes (in excruciating Tracy detail!) how to take the two simple measurements we need to give you good advice.

#2: Your Own Design…

wood fired oven tools - ember rake #1

It's our goal to get better and better and to increase our knowledge and skills in any way we can, so if you come across a great tool in your travels or have a brilliant idea about a new or better tool to do a particular job, please let us know and we'll try and turn it into a reality for you.

wood fired oven tools made to your design

We've made peels with really long thin plates for loaf bakers, multiple small peels for caterers working on grill plates, ash bins, coal scuttles to fit particular oven openings, party prep trays, baking trays that need to be a particular size or height, BBQ tools, shish kebab skewers, special spoons and ladles, chimneys, doors, hooks, even colanders and every single bespoke item challenges us and helps us make better products. So don't hold back if you have an idea for your own tool, because helping you ultimately helps us.

A  basic drawing or a vaguely visible photo and some rough measurements are all we need to start a dialogue with you, then (through the magic of the internet!) we can nut the general idea out to everyone's satisfaction and give you a price to make up whatever crazy thing we have invented together.

#3: Say Something Special…

Curiously enough, we sell a lot of tools as presents. Well, maybe it's not that curious - they certainly are unique and special gifts and it is possible to make them even more special by having your own personal message engraved on them.

wood fired oven tools - engraved with personal message
Example of engraving Engraved tool handle Another engraved tool handle

Engraving comes up really well on both wood and steel, but for a really special message, we recommend writing on the wood. You see, because all our handles are wood, the words can be burnished in a place where the recipient's hand is bound to touch them each and every time they pick up their tool. Your message will literally be placed in their hands.

If your message is corporate or features a logo or is more for the viewing public than the user, then all sorts of cool things can also be etched into the metal of the knife blade or across the top of the plate on the shovel.

We use a fantastic experienced engraving service, John Stewart Engraving, who have been around for 46 years and whom we can highly recommend for all your engraving needs. All they require is a MS Word document, PDF or JPG file with your text or artwork on it and they can give your sentiments form. Engraved messages come out between $20 and $50, depending on just how detailed you want to be. Please also allow an extra week for delivery.